ONEFUEL Is an Excellent Refuelling Software for Into-Plane Operators and Pools


ONEFUEL is the most effi­cient air­craft re­fuelling software for into-plane ope­rators.

Intelli­gent dis­patch

“Refuelling operator sees all the requests on a tablet and selects one request to fulfill. The software tells the amount of fuel needed, and to which aircraft the fuel is to be transported to. When refuelling is done, invoicing data is automatically generated and sent, and the operator moves onto the next one.”

This intelligent dispatch makes turnaround times faster, enabling effective ITP operations and correct data. This sophisticated self-dispatch feature require less or even no middle management.


ONEFUEL-tankkausohjelmisto • A&A Consulting Oy
Accurate Refuelling Data and Invoicing • A&A Consulting Oy

Accu­rate Re­fuelling Data and In­voicing

ONEFUEL replaces paper-based refuelling processes. It captures all the data associated with refuelling transactions and creates tickets and invoices automatically. All data is secured and protected, and easily traceable. No other software than ONEFUEL is needed in executing efficient into-plane refuelling (ITP) operations.


Design­ed for Into-Plane Opera­tors and Pools

ONEFUEL is designed for into-plane operators and pools at airports. As many other fuel management software solutions benefit more airlines or oil companies, ONEFUEL works independently and is perfect tool for ITP and pool operators.

ONEFUEL helps into-plane operators in executing refuelling operations efficiently and smoothly. All operations and activities are documented, digitalised and traceable. Refuellers' driving routes are optimised dynamically during the day, so they perform more and prevent flight delays.


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ONEFUEL-tankkausohjelmisto • A&A Consulting Oy

Brill­iant Commu­nication

Comprehensive, all-covering communication features enable efficient and instant communication inside your company, and with your customers, and also with third parties when needed.

Ad-hoc order or an amendment to the ongoing operation can be made directly at apron.

All communication is easily traceable, and all company data is protected and secured.


Easy Imple­menta­tion and Adopt­ion

No other software than ONEFUEL is needed in executing efficient refuelling operations. Any relevant information can be shown to your users in varying views, be they at ramp, backend office, or at an airline OCC. Allocation, amending, monitoring, accounting and reporting of an individual aircraft refuelling operation are smooth and easy. All information is secured, and is always visible to the correct audiences only, according to your company rules and regulations. The solution is easy to adopt.

No matter what your current backend software setup is – ONEFUEL integrates with any backend solution. It runs on any Windows device, e.g. on tablets with or without ATEX protection. The solution backend may be installed either on your company hardware (on-premises), or in the cloud.


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Boost People Ex­perience PX

We see people as the most important asset of a refuelling company. The lower employee turnover rates you have the better business you drive.

The companies using ONEFUEL experience on average lower employee turnover rates. After utilising intelligent dispatch to the full extent that ONEFUEL offers, job satisfaction improves as the employees can influence the content of their everyday work. ONEFUEL motivates also younger generations.

More Arti­ficial Intelli­gence

ONEFUEL is featured with comprehensive data engine to store and analyse all refuelling operation data. Rich data analytic tools to get real-time insights in order to make informed decisions and to drive efficient refuelling operations.

We are introducing more and more artificial intelligence (AI) features in order to further reduce your company refuelling operation cost structure.

100 % of Into-Plane Re­fuell­ings (ITP) at Helsinki Are Driven by ONEFUEL Soft­ware

100 % of into-plane refuellings at Helsinki are driven by ONEFUEL software. The refuelling companies are satisfied with the business results, and the end-users are happy as the solution is user-friendly and helpful in ever-changing operation environment. ONEFUEL is one of the key solutions in enabling tight turnaround times at Helsinki airport. Additionally, the companies using ONEFUEL reach on average 12 - 15 man years saving in their refuelling operations.

ONEFUEL-tankkausohjelmisto • A&A Consulting Oy
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